Quick look at Smilla Tender Poultry: No gluten, no grains: Smilla Tender Poultry’s grain-free recipes are a great way to keep your cat’s digestive system from becoming overwhelmed by big amounts of grain. There is no gluten in this cat chow either. Including essential nutrients: Your cat’s diet would be incomplete without the inclusion of vitamins and minerals. Calcium levels are helped to be regulated by vitamin D. The health of your bones and joints depends on this. Vitamins A and E are great for your pet’s skin, coat, and eyes. When it comes to taurine, Enhanced with taurine to promote optimal cardiac and visual health in cats.

Quick look at Smilla Tender Poultry: No gluten, no grains

Cats can’t make enough taurine on their own, despite how important it is to their health. Carefully chosen ingredients undergo cold processing before being delicately prepared. The flavor, which is both natural and wonderful, is preserved in this way. Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives: You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, taste boosters, or preservatives in Smilla Tender Poultry. Is Smilla wet cat food something your cat is really looking forward to?

To satisfy the most discerning feline palates, Smilla offers a premium grain-free complete meal that is really delicious. Smilla is available in a wide range of flavors, so it’s sure to satisfy any taste. You won’t find any sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, soy, or lactose in these recipes. You can get Smilla with either beef or fish. All the nutrition your cat needs are provided by natural, healthful ingredients, together with healthy vitamins and taurine. If you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious treat for your cat, consider Smilla Tender Poultry wet cat food.

There are many variations of Smilla Tender Poultry, as well as combination packs. Six 400-gram packets of Tender Poultry Mix include: Two 400g servings of tender fowl with fowl hearts two 400 g Chicken and Lamb 800 milligrams of beef and poultry 400 grams of poultry mixed with fish All the nutrients your pet needs are packed into Smilla’s delicious products. The allure of Smilla is undeniable!

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A quick rundown of Smilla Adult Light-Poultry dry cat food: Whole food dry cat kibble Including vitamin A and vitamin E for radiant skin and sharp eyesight Designed specifically for optimal oral hygiene, with a unique kibble shape and surface Providing essential amino acids to keep bodily systems running smoothly Utilizing plant fiber to facilitate the removal of hairballs Excellent absorption of nutrients due to high digestibility Equipped with taurine, which promotes healthy heart function and eyesight To alleviate unpleasant bowel sounds, yucca extract Thanks to linseed, which is rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Contains no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Non-GMO a healthy addition to any diet Includes a handy resealable bag so you can keep it fresh for as long as you like. Cats that are overweight or don’t get much exercise (such house cats or cats that have had their tails cut) will benefit from the revolutionary Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition Light premium complete dry food. The top-notch, readily digestible dry meal was created in tandem with renowned specialists and is grounded in the latest research results. All the essential minerals and vitamins a cat needs to live a healthy, active life are in there. With Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition, you can rest assured that you are providing a balanced and nutritious meal for your beloved cat.

Less energy is needed by cats that are overweight or not very active. Dietary fiber is very important for them. When you feed your pet Smilla Light, it will be able to eat a filling meal that will aid in its weight loss efforts. Healthy Eating from Smilla, the Best Option adult cat food in a dry form For cats who are overweight, light means a happy, healthy existence! The following sizes are available for Smilla: 100, 200, and 400 grams

Smilla Adult Light

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