Removal alien implant, sixteenth Dr. Leir operation in which prominent personalities such as Jaime Maussan and Whitley Strieber assisted. I’ll call the patient Phil. The day finally arrived. After months of waiting and complications, the man with possibly an alien implant would have his wish to have it removed come true.

I was happy to see that when I arrived Jaime Maussan and his team, Phil, his wife and his friend were all there with their vehicles in the parking lot. Removal alien Grays implant with Jaime Maussan.

Removal unknown alien implant, Jaime Maussan, Whitley Strieber

They were already unloading the cinema equipment needed to film the operation. I then saw our general surgeon, Dr. John Matriciano, arriving from the hospital on his way to his own surgical suite in a nearby building. I asked everyone to take the elevator and meet me at the back door. Dr. Leir, Alien implant removal specialist.
Jaime Maussan,  Whitley Strieber, Roger leir
The place quickly became full of activity. Other guests began to arrive, such as Whitley Strieber and his wife Anne, my secretary, in charge of my office, loaded with boxes with the necessary equipment and papers. This was in line with the protocols that had been developed during the previous fifteen interventions. Cameras were installed in the operating room and a monitor was connected in the waiting room, so that those who could not go to the surgical area could still see all the details of the procedure.

I was informed that the C – Arm x-ray machine had arrived and that staff wanted to know where to put it. I gave them all the information they needed, and they brought the equipment into the surgical suite, and began to calibrate the machine. This particular model had two television screens, which would make it much easier to view the object.

At this point Phil was taken to an adjoining examination room and Dr. Matriciano performed a general examination of his condition and medical history, including my own records. Doctor Matriciano had also ordered an ultrasound examination machine to try to visualize the object by this means. I had accepted this request wholeheartedly: there is never enough information.

alien implant sixteenth Dr. Leir operation
We took the patient to another adjacent room where the ultrasound unit was located. The nurse arrived with a container of gel that would act as a conductive medium between the ultrasonic head and the skin. We were on the move quickly, scanning the monitor carefully to try to locate the object.

Suddenly we exclaimed together: “There he is! I think I see it! In fact, we were right over the object and could be seen clearly on the ultrasound monitor. “Let’s take a few pictures of this,” Dr Matriciano said excitedly, and with the depress of a foot pedal, an image began to appear on the printer connected to the machine. We went through the ultrasound sonograms and compared them to x-rays and scans. Everything was right. All the pieces of the puzzle fitted together and we were ready to begin the operation.

Next, Doctor Matriciano made a small incision with a scalpel just above the area he had marked. With the tip of the blade, he squeezed the opening and a small clamp-like instrument was inserted to widen and deepen the area where we thought the object was deep.

Once the exploratory instrument was inserted into the wound, the X-ray C-arm device was activated, and we could see the metal object along with the probe on both TV screens. The technician in charge of the device had been asked to take a photo of it as soon as it was visible. We now had the first visual recording of the implant with the surgical instrument. However, continuing this survey did not give us the visualization necessary for extraction.

Another problem was that whenever we approached the metal object with the surgical instrument, it magically moved in the other direction. This made it very difficult to grip the object in the clamp jaws. We had seen this happen many times before, so it came as no surprise. Finally, after inserting a second clamp into the wound, we were able to manipulate the foreign object and put him in a position where we could grab him: we pulled him to the surface. Doctor Matriciano said calmly, in a loud voice: “I think we see him now!” I replied warmly, “Yes, there it is. Now all we have to do is clear it out of the surrounding tissue.

Soon, the object was released from its human receptacle and placed on a sterile terry cloth ten cm (four inches) square. We then observed the object under a microscope. Then we removed the layer of soft tissue that covered it and placed the implant in a container with serum taken from the patient’s blood.

Jaime began his post operative interviews with the patient, his wife and friend Don, a few friends who witnessed the procedure, and me.

Wanting to go further, he suggested going for a first hypnosis session after dinner. For many years, I had not included hypnotic regressions in my writing, but after sixteen operations, I admitted that they might add useful data that might otherwise be lost. Since the complexity of this case was beyond anything we had ever encountered, even the smallest detail could become very important.

What made this case unique was that it involved three people separately who all remembered something. We not only wanted Phil to undergo a hypnotic regression, but we wanted to take the opportunity to apply it to his friend Don as well. Removal unknown alien implant from hand.

We moved into the rooms Yvonne had already prepared for the hypnosis session. Jaime was there with his team and all the equipment to record the image and sound. It was a more delicate matter than I had anticipated: the lighting in the room had to be reduced but sufficient to be able to film the client. Also, you had to be very quiet because Phil was going to speak in a low voice. However, there was always the possibility that he would have an emotional reaction that raised the noise level.

Phil was in a deep hypnotic state but could only remember part of what had happened that night. He remembered being with friends and seeing the star descend and get brighter and brighter. After that he didn’t remember anything until the boys were wide awake. It seemed that no matter what tricks Yvonne employed under hypnosis, she couldn’t break a wall of induced amnesia. But one detail he remembered was that after the incident the three boys suddenly had a strong urge to eat raw vegetables.

It was at this point that Yvonne began to wake the client out of his hypnotic state of relaxation, and make a post-hypnotic suggestion that he would feel relaxed and get a good night’s sleep. Yvonne explained to us that in many cases the state of amnesia induced by “visitors” is so strong that it takes several sessions to get around it. Another session with Phil was arranged for the next day, as was a session with his camping buddy Don. Maybe Don would be able to fill in some of the gaps Phil left.
We thanked everyone for their work and agreed to meet the next morning for breakfast. I’ve always seen how quickly time flies when you’re busy, and it does!

Soon we were back in Yvonne’s apartment with the cameras ready to capture the next adventure. Phil had arrived first and quickly reached a state of deep hypnotic trance. Yvonne began to ask him for details of her time aboard the ship. It was as if someone had removed a thick cloud from their memory, and information began to emerge. I am going to give here only a small part of what emerged as the case is still under study, and Yvonne will present part of it in her new book, to be published soon: Intrusion in Coronado: The President, the Secret Service, and alien abduction.

Once the amnesia was circumvented, Phil remembered that he had been with his friends in the presence of the “standard” “Gray” in a large, round room that looked like a hangar where found other flying machines. He expressed concern, not for himself, but for his friends. The Gray beings telepathically assured him that the boys would be well and would soon be brought back to earth.

Two of the other non-human “intelligences” took the two boys with them and took them away from Phil. He then began to panic and had to be reassured that nothing would happen to them. On top of that, he was escorted out of the hangar along a curved, dimly lit corridor from where he could see many rooms. Yvonne asked him what he could see in those rooms and he told her that they all looked like little hospital rooms.

He was then escorted to one of these premises and told to climb on a table that seemed to protrude from the wall, resting on one foot. Phil says this table was very comfortable, tailored to the shape of his body as if it was made for him. He noticed that the air he was breathing on board was damp and heavy, and although he was a little apprehensive, he had a deep feeling that he was having a wonderful adventure, and he was strangely hoping. that she would not stop.

Two of the Gray beings approached him. One of them approached very close to his face, with a large black eye almost pressed against his skin. He immediately felt relaxed, and noticed that the other Gray was examining him with several instruments. They inspected his nose, mouth, ears, rectum and penis. His eyes were examined by a sort of visual matrix in which he could see a myriad of lines, rectangles, and other geometric figures.

A device appeared, coming over his head, and was placed right next to his right wrist. He felt no pain, and although he consciously wanted to move his arm and wrist, he remained motionless as if he were glued to the table. He was then told that he could leave the table and join his friends. He was both happy and sad that the experiment was over, but intended to discuss it with his friends later. Phil was then escorted by a single Gray to the room where he had been when he entered the aircraft. The boys were all excited to be there, but oddly enough, they didn’t talk about their experience.

Soon they found themselves floating in the light beam again, and descending to the ground and their campground. Once on the ground, they looked up into the air and saw in amazement the bright light above them set off at full speed, and soon melted among the stars in the sky. Phil once again described a greedy hunger for fresh vegetables: young Don tells them they might find some in the garden of a nearby farm. They ran with him to the garden. They ripped vegetables from their stalks and feasted on them as if it were the most delicious dish they had ever eaten.

Yvonne questioned Phil, asking him if they’d ever done anything like this before, but Phil denied it in good faith. He added that raw vegetables had not become his favorite food in adulthood (it should also be noted that this incident is unique in the abduction scenario). On top of that, Yvonne ended the session and allowed Phil to come out of his altered state of consciousness.