Think of medicinal herbs as plants with muscles are concentrated with nutrients and phytonutrients, which I will refer to as chemical components, and are used to combat diseases and for periodic cleansing. Herbs work best with the consumption of alkaline plant foods. If you take medicinal herbs while consuming meat, dairy, processed foods, and even acidic plant foods, you will undermine the efficacy of the herbs’ chemical components.

Medicinal natural herbs, plants, first step in using

The consumption of these foods introduces toxins, pathogens, hormones, and chemicals that undermine homeostasis and the healthy operation of the organs and metabolic functions in the body.

The first step in using herbs to reverse disease is to know which are the better to use and which diseases they address. The next thing to consider is whether you want to take commercial encapsulated or tonic, or whether you want to prepare your own herbs using whole herbs that you either grow yourself or buy in bulk.

Buying encapsulated or tonic herbs is the easier way to go, because you don’t have to put any work into preparing the herbs, and the dosages are supplied on the packaging. All you need to know is which herbs to buy. Though this is the easier way to go, you take more chances with the herbs actually being what they are supposed to be and with their quality.

It is commonly known that herbal supplements have been tested only to find out the many times what is advertised is not what is in the package. It is more difficult to tell which herbs you are actually buying, because herbs that have been encapsulated have been ground down to a powder and are difficult to distinguish from each other.

If you are able to grow, it is better to get your seeds from wildcrafted plants or transplant wildcrafted plants to your growing area and grow them under as natural conditions as possible without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Wildcrafted plants are plants that grow naturally in nature without human intervention. The plants grow under natural stressors that bring out the true vitality of the plants and encourage them to develop their nutrients and phytonutrients to their optimum potency.

To support these plants’ optimum growth within a controlled growing environment is to use the natural fertilizer nature provides.