Every meal is an exquisite experience with Sheba cat chow. The Mixed Pack will delight your cat with its superb selection of scrumptious flavors, providing plenty of variety and surprises during mealtimes. The Mixed Pack includes all four flavors of Sheba Selection Slices in Gravy, Poultry Collection in Gravy, and Sheba Mixed Collection Sauce Lover. All variations use high-quality, natural ingredients and are popular with picky eaters. This is no surprise! What cat could possibly resist such juicy pieces in a delicate sauce? This high-quality Sheba cat food is well-balanced and suitable for everyday consumption.

Sheba cat chow. The Mixed Pack

It does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This wet food is available in pre-packaged pouches (Sheba Selection) and trays (Sheba Sauce Lover), making portion management simple while also ensuring that each meal is pleasant and fresh. The mixed pack includes the following varieties: The Sauce Mixed Collection includes 24 Sheba Sauce Lovers. 6 x 85g Sauce Lovers with Salmon 6x 85g Sauce Lover with Tuna 6 x 85g Sauce Lovers with Chicken 6 x 85g Sauce Lovers with Duck 24 Sheba Selection Slices in Gravy, Poultry Collection in Gravy: 6 x 85g Selection in Gravy with Duck 6 x 85g

Selection of Gravy with Chicken 6 x 85g Selection in gravy with poultry. 6 x 85g Selection in Gravy with Duck Turkey Sheba Wet Cat Food Mixed Pack at a Glance Wet food for adult cats. Balanced and comprehensive: high-quality complete food for daily consumption. Delicious varieties: various flavors with each meal. Very appetizing: tender pieces in plenty of sauce. Made with high-quality ingredients: Delicious recipes made using carefully chosen components. Easy portion control: convenient 85g amounts in pouches or trays. Free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Sheba Wet Cat Food Mixed Pack 48

Is your cat picky when it comes to selecting its ideal meal? Then go no farther than the 12 x 85g Sheba Pouches Fine Flakes, which come in a variety of delicious tastes that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters! This delicious full meal is the ideal way to reward your kitty companion. Sheba Pouches Fine Flakes in Jelly offers a wide range of delicious concoctions with unique flavors to suit every taste. Each balanced, flavorful meal is created without artificial flavours or preservatives and is suitable for adult cats. The convenient pouches keep food fresh and make it incredibly simple to offer your cat’s meals.

Whether your cat enjoys beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, or fish, Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly has something for everyone! With these delicious wet food pouches, you can keep your cat on its toes while also providing a healthy diversity to its diet. Every day brings a new flavour! Sheba Pouches Fine Flakes. At a glance: 12 x 85g. Wet food for all adult cats. Using high-quality components Free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Natural flavor. Balanced and complete Easy portioning with useful pouches.

Sheba Pouches Fine Flakes 12

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