Enuma Elish, Tablets of Destinies. Additionally, there is an unusual corroboration of your custom of chimerical offspring of those unions from an additional provider, and here is the conventional depiction of Enki, that is sometimes “shown together with the hip and legs of a goat detailed with cloven hooves, although his torso is clothed from the scales of any fish.” He is a “goatfish,” a Capricorn.

Enki him or her self, put simply, is really a getting, who subsequently, like a “son of God” from the Biblical viewpoint, sires similar hybrids offspring. Even so, you will discover a second connection between the Sumerian and Biblical types, for inside the bank account of your devastation of Tiamat from the Enuma Elish, her creation of biological existence-forms as weaponry appears to be a single primary reason she incurred the wrath of the remainder of the gods, along with her theft in the Pills of Destinies.

Enuma Elish, Tablets of Destinies

Inside the Biblical model, the history of your Nephilim in addition to their crossbreed-large young forms the fast context to the divine selection to wipe out the human race for his wickedness. The crystal clear effects is, yet again, it was the carried on co-habitation of person and “the sons of God” that shaped a motivation to the Deluge.

These points suggest a more supposition: could the roll-out of humanity within the Sumer edition be related to the cosmic battle and the theft from the Tablets of Destinies? Whatever the answer to that concern can be, something is apparently strongly implied by everything that has preceded, and that is that based on the Sumer practice mankind seems to be centrally connected each on the motivations of your cosmic warfare which is to a degree another legacy of this, a minimum of inside the hybridized Nephilimic collection.

From the Sumerian edition, it really is human being overpopulation that shaped one of many motives for your battle, as well as in the Biblical version, it will be the “Nephilimic wickedness” that types the background of your divine determination to destroy “mankind” by using the Deluge.

Placing two and 2 with each other, it will show up that it must be the Enki-Eve collection that seemed to be the main focus of interest right here, each as being a ultra-hybridized lineage, and perhaps as being an overly-populated a single vis-à-vis the “pure human lineage” of Adam and Eve them selves.

In fact, we may be drawing near to 1 reasons why the many guides of your Older Testament location this sort of main focus on preserving different genealogical information, for being an study of those data will show, there is very little if any relationship in the Aged Testament patriarchal lineage with all the 2nd “ultra-hybridized” lineage of Enki-Eve.

In fact, the communicate is true, for from the time of your Hebrew Exodus from Egypt on the conquest and occupation of Canaan, an endless battle is waged versus the Nephilimic dynasties of around individuals, the story of David and Goliath simply being one of the most acquainted example.

To put it as bluntly and lightly as is possible, one legacy from the clash looks to be an ongoing “struggle in between the bloodlines.” Unfortunately, as exciting simply because this story is, as it weaves its way through background, it is really not a narrative that could be recounted in this article, because of it would call for a publication within its very own proper.