Create homemade medicinal herbs by breaking down whole into smaller parts or by using various extraction methods to remove chemical compounds from this. This extraction method discards the fiber and components bound to the fiber, so in most cases Prefer to use whole herb, grind it down to encapsulate it, or drink the ground with water. Make your medicinal herbs.

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The extraction method is used to get the chemical components into the bloodstream quickly, because the body will not have to spend time breaking down this to remove the chemical compounds from the fiber. This has its positive side and its drawback. Using medicinal this way is good in flooding the bloodstream with chemical components, but this is also a little too good.

The kidneys work hard to maintain the delicate balance of minerals, water, and other compounds and a rush of chemical components into the bloodstream forces the kidneys to pass some of them to the bladder and out of the body. In contrast, grinding down into finer particles allows the body to access more of the chemicals in a more controlled manner.

You don’t want to consume large pieces, because intact plant cell walls resist being broken down. The chemical compounds are stored within the cell walls of the leaf, flower, root, bark, or seed. Consuming large or whole pieces will result in less nutrients being released and absorbed into the bloodstream, which is why it is important to thoroughly chew your food.

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It would be pretty difficult to properly chew raw leaves, flowers, roots, bark, and seeds and thoroughly break down their cells walls and release most of their nutrients.

Grinding down into powder or fine particles allows the body to access more of their nutrients. Grinding down herbs into smaller particles allows the digestive process access to much more of the herbs’ compounds, and at a quicker rate.

Maintaining all of their fiber and compounds controls digestion, so the bloodstream is not spiked with nutrients, resulting in an unbalance of minerals and components in the bloodstream. Grinding down offers faster digestion and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream than consuming large portions of whole herbs does.

This speeds up but still controls the digestion, in contrast to consuming the extracted compounds, so more of the nutrients are actually used by the body. Sometimes medicinal extractions are preferable in the form of infusions or decoctions when it comes to certain or when performing general maintenance.

Decoctions are similar to infusions, but they use the tougher parts of the plant like the roots, twigs, and bark. Since these parts of the plant are harder and tougher, pouring boiling water on them will release only a small amount components. Decoctions involve boiling and simmering these parts of the plant to more effectively remove their chemicals.