Individuals who are acquainted with the relationships between Nazi and UFO’s might discover the subsequent record easier to acknowledge than those who have never been brought to the reports of key Nazi aerial disk tests, significantly less reports of their key collaboration with all the so-known as Grey aliens many years before the business-fascist infiltrators and sympathizers throughout the U.S. Intellect Agencies commenced producing their own treaties with one of these exact same serpentine ‘aliens’.

Nazi’s with UFO, Greys, Al Bielek, Nichols

Many details continues to be launched about an 8-Levels below ground bottom less than Camp out Hero near Montauk Level, Long Tropical isle where full-fledged Nazi and CIA substances have apparently been operating on sophisticated time-place manipulation experiments, and also microwave mind-handle tests targeted at huge populations, that are according to scientists Al Bielek, Preston Nicholes being completed to a higher education than previously within the cover in the Alaskan ‘HAARP’ undertaking.

It really has been explained that unusual frequency broadcasts were actually discovered throughout Lo s Angeles ahead of the L.A. Riots of 1992 shortly prior to the riots broke out, where there were inferences the L.A. Riots were element of an “Functioning Back garden Plan” test-run to establish martial legislation in the us on the pretext of stopping a prospective competition battle throughout the region.

The Montauk Tasks, together with Brookhaven Federal Laboratories the I.T.T. corp. which happens to be largely belonging to the German Krupp loved ones who built munitions plants for Adolf Hitler and which, as outlined by Al Bielek, has terminal accesses on the “Choice- 2 black color price range underground network” under a few of its major facilities, the Bavarian THULE culture which offered most of the financial support for that ‘Montauk’ or ‘Phoenix’ jobs have according to several sources which include abductees been operating very closely with Orionite a nd Draconian ‘Reptiloids’ and ‘Greys’ structured in a below ground center encompassing DULCE, New Mexico.

This data originates from Preston Nicholes, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, and Peter Moon… each one of whom state they have experienced some link to the Montauk assignments, even though in many instances CIA imagination-management technological innovation was adopted to induce a different personality from the employees there for an confidence the key actions stayed hidden.

Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion

The Reptiloids in Alpha Draconis and Rigel Orion claim that they originated on world in ancient occasions and were actually component of a bipedal reptilian or saurian competition [much like the cunning velociraptors?]. Now they can be here for taking back ‘their planet’ through the man race. In order to make this happen, these are making use of multi-levelled deception and propaganda mostly through ‘channeled’ information and thru details conveyed to ‘abductees’ to convince people to capitulate themselves to aliens ‘guides’, consequently let the aliens entry to their brains and as a consequence to your society on the whole.

This same technique, based on various contactees [Billy Meier, Jefferson Souza, Israel Norkin, Maurice Doreal, George Andrews, Thomas Castello, Alex Collier, etc.] has been successful on various other colonial worlds that this ‘Greys’ have conquered, and possesses also proved helpful on the world for the degree they may have used control over most of the ‘underground black colored price range